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Mold Remediation Testimonials

When it was discovered that an old spiteful tenant purposely left the washer water valve on in the laundry room. It was a disaster! I had no idea who to call or what to do! It had gotten so bad that mold started to develop on the wall around the valves! Not to mention the other areas that were affected by the running water! I thought to myself, "What a mess!" When my insurance recommended SERVPRO I have to admit I was very skeptical. But they arrived in less then an hour to address the situation. Because of SERVPRO I was able to move a new tenant in less then two weeks! Thanks to their speedy service! I will definitely be using SERVPRO again! 

I called SERVPRO to have my vents cleaned and I had no idea of mold spores that were covered by the dust on my vents. Once they came out they found signs of moisture around the vents. They tested the area and found actual mold growing around my vents! I was shocked! SERVPRO of North Arlington saved my family from breathing in mold! I will definitely be calling you guys again in the future! And recommending you to all of my friends! Thank you SERVPRO! 

I started using SERVPRO years ago. They are prompt and always trying to impress.

My company had black mold that needed to be removed ASAP! Kathy Anderson was a true staple in the mold remediation process. Kathy was always checking in to see how everything was going and to make sure if I needed anything else that she would be there. Kathy went above and beyond what my company's expectations were and for that we will continue to utilize SERVPRO in the future

We are returning customers. Than you for your excellent service.

Nathan & Nancy: First, let me tell you how much I appreciate the excellent work you did in my home at 1424 Oxford Place, Mesquite, TX, in 2015. Not only was the remediation handled expediently but very professional by all of your people.  If you ever need a recommendation, please consider me as a very satisfied client! Also, thank you for "holding" all of the items from my home deemed as "unsafe and to be destroyed" for such a long and extended period of time.  As I have finally settled my lawsuit on Friday, June 24, 2016, and the parties involved are not interested in receiving these items, you may now destroy these items at your convenience. Again, thank you for the excellent work ethics.....it is so refreshing knowing there are companies like yours that exist.  I can now move on after my long 3 year battle and return my home to its original condition before the "black mold invasion"! Please say thank you to all involved!  Take care! Cynthia Bowman